2023 National Football League Week 6 Predictions – week 5 prediction results – Boomer Sooner

As of the recording of this video the Arizona Diamondbacks lead the LA Dodgers two games to none in their best of five National League Division playoff series. The Sooners win the Red River Rivalry game against the Longhorns and the Arizona Wildcats come within an eyelash of defeating the University of Southern California Trojans.

#RaiderNation rejoice, celebrate and hoist the colors, the Raiders win in week 5 at home, even though it was ugly!

2023 NFL Week 6 picks – week 5 pick results – Boomer Sooner – Go Diamondbacks!

2023 National Football League week 3 picks – week 2 pick results – winning wagers

We’re only two weeks into the 2023 National Football League schedule and I’m already wanting to change at least two of my division winner picks. I know it’s a long season, anything can happen and this is probably a knee jerk reaction but the Ravens, provided they stay healthy look like the team that’s going to win the AFC North and I no longer believe the Jets can win the AFC East without Aaron Rodgers. 

The Raiders, oh the Raiders – #RaiderNation. What the hell happened on Sunday in Buffalo? You were keeping up with the Bills right up until the second half when you got your doors blown off! I had the Raiders plus 9.5 points in one of my parlays this weekend and not only did the Bills cover that point spread but they far exceeded it. This was clearly a matchup problem as much as anything else, since the Bills offense looked pretty inept in week 1 against a solid Jets defense.

The Arizona Cardinals let me down again. I openly admit I don’t have a lot of expectations for this team but I thought they played competitively in week 1 and over their heads for the first half of week 2 and then just fell to pieces in crunch time. You Arizona Cardinals are going to need to find that killer instinct, sooner rather than later.

2023 NFL week 2 pick results
2023 National Football League week 3 picks
2023 National Football League week 2 wager win
2023 Major League Baseball season wager win

2023 NFL Week 2 picks – Week 1 Pick Results – Did I win my Parlay?

Hoist the colors #RaiderNation and rejoice, our boys in Silver and Black got a very important week 1 win. I was sad to see Aaron Rodgers lose his season due to injury and I’m sad that my predicted AFC East winner has now taken a significant downgrade.

I did place some wagers but did not create a wager specific video this week. I’ll let you know what they were if I win, otherwise what’s the point? Good luck to your favorite teams and your wagers. Talk soon!

2023 National Football League Week 1 Picks – RIP Jimmy Buffett – Never Forget 091101

The 2023 National Football League regular season schedule kicks off on Thursday September 7, 2023 when the Detroit Lions travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs. Can the Raiders and Cardinals begin their seasons on a positive note by earning road wins? How will the Aaron Rodgers regular season debut go with the Jets? Will those Jets get an important AFC East win against their fellow New York State team, the Buffalo Bills? This season is going to be entertaining and hopefully profitable. Just Win Baby!

Let us all remember those who have lost their lives as a result of September 11, 2001. I pray for all those that have been impacted by that attack. God bless you and yours, always!

2023 National Football League Week 1 Wagers

My one and only wager for week 1 of the 2023 National Football League schedule is a 6 leg, money line parlay. The teams I chose for the win are all early games and are as follows: Bengals Jaguars, Vikings, Saints, 49ers and Ravens.

Good luck to all my brethren bettors. May you always be blessed with a wagering bankroll.