2022 NFL Week 11 Picks – week 10 pick results – AZQBc

We had several candidates for game of the week in the 2022 National Football League week 10 play. Vikings at Bills, Lions at Bears and Cowboys at Packers just to name 3.

The Bills must be seething mad at this point having lost 2 close games in a row, one to an AFC east and instate rival and the other one at home to an NFC opponent.

The Raiders lost again in week 10, to a team with an interim head coach and an aging QB. Perhaps the Raiders will get off the snide in Week 11 and get a win against their division foe, the Denver Broncos.

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2022 NFL week 6 picks plus NFL week 5 pick results – Callous Mind Talking Head Sports Cast

A dagger in the heart loss for the Raiders in week 5 but I know for sure they will not lose in week 6 since they have a bye. Hopefully they return from their bye week ready to kick ass, take names and take their rightful spot atop the AFC West.

Yes, I’m talking a lot of shit here but it’s my website and I can do that! Have a great week!

2022 NFL Week 10 Picks – week 9 pick results – Happy Veterans Day

Just when I thought things could NOT get worse for my Raiders, they fall again, this time to the Jaguars.

The Raiders have now set an NFL record that no team wants. They have now coughed up leads of 17 points or more 3 times this season. This has been a dreadful season for the Raiders. Let’s see if they can get a win against a team with a new coach, aka the Indianapolis Colts.

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