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Oh my goodness! I got home from rideshare driving just to find out the Raiders lost to the Rams by one freaking point and it was the newly acquired, former Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield that pierced my heart with the one point defeat dagger.

Anyone who needs reminding that football is a game of attrition need only look to the San Francisco 49ers. These guys are down to their third string quarterback and lost Samuel on Sunday to an ankle injury. They must be asking themselves what else can go wrong. The only positive thing is they keep finding ways to win these games. That’s very “Patriot like” to me!

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I picked Dallas and they lost and the calls for a new quarterback in Dallas have already begun. The vast, vast, vast majority of quarterbacks will never win a Super Bowl! That’s a fact! Perhaps teams need to stop paying all quarterbacks like they have won a Super Bowl. I believe there’s a reason Aaron Rodgers is making the money he is compared to other QBs who have NOT won a Super Bowl.

2022 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks – WildCard Playoff pick results

The 2022 NFL Divisional Playoff round promises the fans some good football. After surviving the WildCard round Buffalo and Cincinnati get to resolve some unfinished business that still exists from week 17 or the regular season. The Cowboys get the opportunity to return the home loss favor delivered to them last year by the San Francisco Forty Niners and the Giants play the Eagles for a third time after losing to the Eagles twice in the regular season. Can the Jaguars survive another AFC West opponent in the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to the AFC title game?

2022 NFL Week 18 Picks – Week 17 review and pick results – CMTHSC

I was shocked last week after publishing my week 17 video to hear that Derek Carr was benched by the Raiders for the final two games of the season.

Once again the Raiders and Cardinals suffer heartbreaking gut wrenching losses. Stidham proved himself capable as a QB and kept the game close but the Raiders ended up blowing another lead and ending up on the wrong side of the final score.

2022 National Football League Week 17 Picks – week 16 pick results – CMTHSC

The Raiders and Cardinals suffer brutal losses in week 16. The Cowboys survive the Eagles who were led by a backup quarterback, the Jaguars get a big road win that has playoff implications, a dome team travels east (the Saints) and gets a win outside in Cleveland.

The Panthers look to stake their claim to the NFC South title with a win against the visiting Detroit Lions and the Titans lose a very important game to a division rival, the Houston Texans.

The Vikings continued to be involved in and continue winning really close games. Which begs the question, does a team only have so many close wins in them or are the Vikings just getting ready for playoff football?

2022 National Football League Week 16 picks – week 15 pick results – UFC Fight Night pick results

The Raiders get a huge win against the Patriots in week 15 due to a very uncharacteristic blunder by the New England Patriots. I’m sure some Patriots players got their asses chewed out by their head coach. As a long time Raiders fan I will be the first one to admit I’m not picky about how the Raiders get their wins, as long as they “Just Win Baby!”.

The new Browns beat the original Browns, aka the Ravens, and what a detrimental effect that loss could have on the Ravens playoff chances. The Broncos score over twenty points in a game for the second consecutive week, the Cowboys lose to the Jaguars, the Lions and Jets play a fantastic game and the Bills win a close game in inclement weather against their division rival the Miami Dolphins.