The Key to Defeating Covid-19

I personally use the product below to help support my immune system and I would recommend you listen to the information in the video above this paragraph. I personally cannot afford to and have no desire to be sick, therefore I will do what I can to prevent being sick.

Force Factor Immunity Support

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How To Start A YouTube Channel Step By Step in 2020

It’s hard to believe that the year twenty twenty is almost upon us. Setting up a YouTube channel is an exciting thing. Creating videos gives you the power to exercise your creativity and hopefully capture a responsive and attentive audience.

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how to start a youtube channel step by step 2020

Before Creating Your YouTube Channel

There are two specific items I would recommend you take care of before setting up your YouTube channel. These items include creating a written channel description and channel art image. Note – the written channel description is what shows up in the search engine as the meta description of search results (see image below).

your YouTube channel meta description is generated by using the channel description and are a couple of websites that can help you create your channel banner artwork. You may consider hiring a writer to compose your YouTube channel description or a graphic artist to create your channel art banner.

There are a lot of questions people have when starting a YouTube channel. With that in mind, my goal for this post is to bring you all the information you need to successfully start a YouTube channel in 2020. This post will cover basic YouTube channel settings, recommendations about microphones, video capture and editing software.

I have always heard the devil is in the details. When it comes to YouTube there are a lot of settings that need to be addressed. There are three main settings I want to talk about right from the beginning. These settings are channel country, channel keywords and video category.

select your proper country

Channel country is pretty self explanatory. What country are you in? I’m not sure I would lie about this unless you’re using a VPN and uploading to YouTube from an IP address located in the country you designated within your channel’s settings.

Channel keywords should NOT be confused with video tags or keywords. Channel keywords are simply what your channel is about. Video tags or keywords are what each video is about. You can also set some default video tags and then add to them during each video upload.

channel keywords

Video category is something that can be set at the channel level or can be set on each video. I personally upload videos that fall in different categories so I set my default category as people and blogs and change it on a video by video basis if necessary.

channel video categories

Good Audio Versus Bad Audio

Audio to me is arguably more important than the video. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a video with bad audio or a video that has no one speaking and only has a person typing text using notepad.

I am going to recommend 2 good microphone options. The one you choose will depend on your recording set-up. Are you using a phone to record or are you using a computer? If you’re using a phone then I would recommend using an inexpensive but effective lapel or lavalier microphone.

buy a lavalier microphone

I own two of these microphones and I can use this particular microphone with my laptop computer or my phone.

The second microphone option I use is a USB headset that includes a microphone. This is a great option for laptop and personal computers.

Recording Video

There are many options when it comes to capturing video. One of the most obvious ways is by using the thing that travels with you everywhere you go. You guessed it, your phone.

Do you need screen capture software? Camtasia is a very well known paid screen capture software. I have a Camtasia license I purchased in 2017. While I like the fact that Camtasia can record your screen and video commentary simultaneously, Camtasia can also be used to edit video it records and can render videos for publishing. Get Camtasia here

There are several free screen capture video softwares available. I believe one is a Chrome browser plugin. I am sharing the name of the most popular free screen capture video software to my email list subscribers. You can join the Callous Mind crew, also known as my email list by following this link.

Editing Video

No matter what you use to capture video, you still need a way to edit that video. There are many video editing options available. Personally I use Adobe Premier Pro and that’s because I pay a monthly subscription for the Adobe Creative Cloud. I have been using Adobe products for over a decade and only subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud when my license keys were lost due to a PC crash.

I love Adobe products but I know some people consider Adobe to be pricey. I personally don’t consider the Adobe Creative Cloud to be expensive for the number of apps I gain access to. There are expenses in every business and if you’re looking to start a successful YouTube channel then I would encourage you to view this endeavor as a business. Furthermore you should realistically expect to invest some money into this business.

Rendering Videos

Rendering videos demands a lot of computer resources, primarily RAM and processor resources, especially when using Premier Pro. This demand on resources is one of the reasons I recommend Klippyo. Klippyo is a cloud based video editing and rendering software that reduces or eliminates the demand on your computer’s resources and you can purchase Klippyo for a one time fee, not a monthly subscription.

Klippyo includes a sticker, emoji and music library. These libraries may not seem important at first glance – but as someone who has purchased music licenses for songs to use in my videos I can assure you, having access to a music library itself is a great benefit.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about making videos is that video transcriptions or video scripts make great written posts and both videos and written posts and ben syndicated to a variety of platforms. Syndication is a powerful tool which I will expound upon in a future post or video.

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2019-2020 National Football League (NFL) record predictions

I, Callous Mind am predicting the Oakland Raiders will make the playoffs in the 2019 NFL, National Football League season. I could be doing this because I’m a longtime member of Raider Nation or because I’m delusional. Either way you’re going to hear it here first, the Oakland Raiders are going to make the playoffs by winning nine games in the 2019 – 2020 NFL season.

I am also predicting 2 teams from the NFC North will make the playoffs this season and one popular team from the NFC North will miss the playoffs for a second straight season. The teams I am predicting will make the playoffs from the NFC North are the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

I am also predicting the union of Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray will prove dynamic and fruitful. Kyler Murray will stay healthy all year long, the Arizona Cardinals will cure their offensive line woes and the Arizona Cardinals will win at least 7 games in the 2019 – 2020 National Football League season.

Agree or disagree with me? Leave your comments in the comment section of this video.

A Cure For Cancer Exists

Hey everyone it’s your boy Callous Mind back today with another video. I have a question I would like to pose to everyone out there. My question is would you like to see a cure for cancer or does a cure for cancer exist already?

What if I told you a cure for cancer already existed but was not be publicized and instead
this information was being stymied, discredited and debunked by everyone with any authority within the mainstream medical community
in the United States of America.

The subject of cancer for me is a very serious one because I have lost people and I mean a ton of people and I’m sure you all have too or you know someone who is currently afflicted with cancer. Now for me, just to name a few, I have lost a step mom, a step dad, a cousin, two aunts and my grandmother is currently battling this disease.

I spoke to my grandmother yesterday and she told me of some of her experiences with doctors. She told me that doctors don’t want anything to do with her if she doesn’t want to listen to and follow their medical advice. We’re talking about an 85 year old woman here. She understands that her risk of undergoing western treatment for her cancer may actually cause her death or make what time she has left not worth living, even more than the cancer itself.

For example she said she went in to see a doctor and once she told that doctor she wasn’t interested in surgery, chemotherapy or radiation he acted like he didn’t want anymore to do with her. She asked him if he would continue to treat her even though she didn’t want to undergo traditional western solutions and he told her to go back to the cancer treatment center and he walked out the door.

Those were her words! So it seems to me like the only way the medical institution wants treatment in America is the standard surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All the while just hoping you live through poisoning your cancer and healthy tissue with radiation and chemotherapy. Personally I’m amazed that anyone lives through this stuff!

But … my question is – what if there was a simpler method? What if there was actually a cure that didn’t involve chemotherapy, and didn’t involve radiation, and didn’t involve the traditional medicine in the United States? Would you be interested? There are two documentary films that I recently watched on Amazon Prime video which I will link to in the description box below.

One of the films is Cancer Can Be Killed from 2017 and you can see it right here in this video. I watched it all the way through and to kind of summarize this lady is diagnosed with cancer and goes to Germany for treatment for 30 days.
At the cost of thirty thousand dollars which seems pretty reasonable considering we’re talking about cancer! This brings up another question I always think about in regards to a cure for cancer. I always wonder how much a cure for cancer would sell for.

It’s hard for me to believe that there is no cure for cancer when literally trillions of dollars for cancer research have been spent. But yet there’s still no cure in America, come on now?

So this lady travels to Germany to undergo treatment for 30 days and would you know, low and behold her cancer is cured! The second documentary film I watched was Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up. I encourage you all to watch these films and decide for yourself.

The information from these films encourages new questions. One being, if there is or was a cure for cancer would it be sold in the United States, or would someone or a group of people do
everything they could to hide a cure because treating cancer is much more lucrative than curing it?

I’m just throwing that out there because that’s my opinion. I believe there is much more money involved in treating cancer than there is in curing it. Not to mention how adversely affected the entire cancer institution would be financially impacted by a cure being created.

I’m not sure all doctors want to cure people, I think some would rather treat, because when they treat there is no guarantee of a cure as if it exonerates doctors from saving lives.

I expect you the reader and or viewer to be your own judge of this information. I’m not here to try and tell you how to think or what to believe. I am simply sharing my opinion based on the information I have seen.

I encourage all of you to watch these films and do your own research, talk to friends and family who have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video I appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to share this information if you have found value in it.

Raiders Trade Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears

Since the Khalil Mack trade there has been a lot of hullabaloo about the terrible decision the Raiders made in trading him as if he was a huge contributing factor to a league best defense or even a top 10 defense.

I am not going to sit here and completely dismiss what Khalil brings to the field. He is an outstanding player who arguably outplayed his contract but still had one year remaining nonetheless.

I have heard many talking heads pontificate on many possible reasons for this trade, the commonality with them all is they seem to agree this was a bad decision on the Raider’s part. While I will openly admit I’m not in love with the idea of trading your best defensive player, I can see this from a business point of view.

If Khalil wasn’t going to play this season without getting a new contract then all signs pointed toward him not playing at all this year for the Raiders. This means that he was already absent before he was traded and this season isn’t about the past it’s about right now and the future.

Therefore if he wasn’t going to play the final year of his existing contract and they didn’t want to tie up ninety million dollars guaranteed to one player on a troubled defense then it’s pretty obvious they made the right decision.

I personally think the Derek Carr extension was given too soon. Did you see the game last night? DC threw three interceptions and one was returned for a touchdown, also known as a pick six. Derek Carr has been hurt which he can’t help but he needs to make better decisions with the football, especially late in games.

Truthfully the Derek Carr contract extension makes the Alex Smith contract with the Redskins look like a bargain. I’m getting a little off topic here so I digress.

My point really is this. I wish the Raiders had the money to retain Mack but I’m not sure it’s a smart business decision to tie up $90 million guaranteed in one defensive player when your defense isn’t collectively ranked in top 5 of the league. I do believe that if Khalil wanted to play for the Raiders he would still be playing for the Raiders.

Maybe they have the money and maybe they don’t but either way I agree, albeit reluctantly with their decision.

The value of what the Raiders received in return for Khalil Mack remains to be seen and won’t be realized for a couple of years. I know this for sure, both the Raiders and Bears are 0 and 1, with and without Khalil Mack.

UFC226 – What a Difference One Year Makes

What a difference a year makes!

I was really excited for UFC 226 this past weekend. After watching the main event I couldn’t help but think back to the Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier fight from UFC 214.

So much so that I ended up going back and watching that fight again via UFC Fight Pass. I thought I remembered that fight well until I went back and watched it again. Damn that was a good fight for Jon Jones, and then everything went to hell as Jon’s test sample allegedly came back containing a banned substance.

Now one year later Jon still has not be reinstated as of this writing and Daniel Cormier is the current light heavyweight and heavyweight champ and is in unique company by holding two titles at the same time. Now it looks as though the next super fight in the UFC will be between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title.

I find this ironic because after Jon Jones knocked out DC in UFC 214 he (Jon Jones) took the microphone and called for Lesnar. A high kick from Jon Jones would knock most men silly, including Lesnar I’m sure but Lesnar never would make weight for the light heavyweight division.

I’m kind of rambling on here but my point is really what a difference a year makes. You know what they say about if being a fifth and we would all be drunk.

I hope Jon Jones gets cleared to return and he comes back strong, clean and healthy. He’s a heck of a fighter. At the same time I can’t and am in no way hating on Daniel Cormier. He seems like a real class act and quality human being, and the world can definitely use more of them.

Get A New Website for Under Twenty Five Dollars

I have heard a lot of talk and seen a lot of videos on YouTube that speak about setting up a website and starting your online business for one hundred dollars or less.

It should be noted that the cost of setting up your online business can vary greatly depending on whether you are selling physical products and taking payments through your website. Please note – if you plan to accept payments through your website you will either need to set up buy it now buttons using PayPal or get a merchant account.

website set up service

Having said that I tasked myself with finding the most value friendly website set up cost online. Ladies and gentlemen I present you the best website deal ever. You can set up a secure website with domain privacy protection and one year of hosting for less than twenty five dollars. This truly is the best website deal ever.

Learn more about how to start your online business in 2018.

Your Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Have we been indoctrinated to believe our creativity is no longer enough or are we just too busy enjoying the creativity of others to put our own to practical use? I for one like to stay on the positive side of things but I know that’s not always easy. We are exposed to so much negativity that it becomes nearly impossible to defend against all of it.

This leads me to a topic that is too important not to discuss and that is mindset. I’m sure a lot of you reading this probably view positive thought or positive belief as BS or wishful thinking. I hear where you’re coming from but at least consider my argument before completely discounting positive thought, visualization and faith.

Let’s parallel wishful thinking with architecture. Buildings or any structure for that matter don’t just magically appear overnight. They are planned out thoroughly but their construction is initiated by a single thought. Everything we do in our lives begins with a thought. What are you thinking right now?

What I really want to impress on you here is the fact that you are in control of your thoughts. Your experiences may lead you to believe that the world is bad and everyone is looking take what you have or someone else is preventing your success but I don’t choose to believe that. That’s the lesson in a nutshell! You choose to believe whatever you want and more often than not you will notice that your life unfolds just as you believe.

If thoughts are powerful enough to erect buildings or help a person lose weight or steady enough to help someone succeed in business then it stands to reason that you have been carrying the secret to your success with you all along. I challenge you, right here and right now to change your thoughts and beliefs to something positive. I know it will be difficult and at times may seem impossible but you can do it! Be mindful of what and who you are listening to. Be mindful of who is in your ear and what you’re taking to heart!

It’s your mind and you can change it whenever you want to! At the end of the day it’s up to you to take control of your mind or someone else will. A mind is the most terrible thing waste!