We’re only two weeks into the 2023 National Football League schedule and I’m already wanting to change at least two of my division winner picks. I know it’s a long season, anything can happen and this is probably a knee jerk reaction but the Ravens, provided they stay healthy look like the team that’s going to win the AFC North and I no longer believe the Jets can win the AFC East without Aaron Rodgers. 

The Raiders, oh the Raiders – #RaiderNation. What the hell happened on Sunday in Buffalo? You were keeping up with the Bills right up until the second half when you got your doors blown off! I had the Raiders plus 9.5 points in one of my parlays this weekend and not only did the Bills cover that point spread but they far exceeded it. This was clearly a matchup problem as much as anything else, since the Bills offense looked pretty inept in week 1 against a solid Jets defense.

The Arizona Cardinals let me down again. I openly admit I don’t have a lot of expectations for this team but I thought they played competitively in week 1 and over their heads for the first half of week 2 and then just fell to pieces in crunch time. You Arizona Cardinals are going to need to find that killer instinct, sooner rather than later.

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