2023 National Football League Conference Championships Prediction Results

I’m suffering from a serious case of Kansas City Chiefs fatigue but I must give credit where credit is due, so I tip my hat to you, Kansas City Chiefs. The Lions disappointed me by surrendering such a large lead and losing to the San Francisco Forty Niners. Now I only have one person to root for and that is Brock Purdy. He’s an Arizona guy so I hope he wins the Super Bowl.

2023 National Football League Divisional Playoff Predictions – Wildcard pick results

In my opinion Houston has 4 things working against them in their playoff matchup with the Ravens. One is the weather. The high temperature on that day according to accuweather is going to be 27 degrees. The Texans have a rookie QB back and I know CJ Stroud has been great but he is still a rookie. Houston is a dome team and a team traveling from West to East. That being said I’m not sure the Ravens are just going to walk through the Texans but I’m not sure the Texans can pull off this “would be miracle win” either.

2023 National Football WildCard Playoff Predictions | week 18 pick results | the Raiders Win!

The Cardinals suffer a brutal loss at home against the Seahawks. Both the Jaguars and Colts miss their opportunity to make the playoffs. The Steelers and Packers both win and get into the playoffs. The Raiders allow me to hoist the colors one final time for the 2023 season by getting a win against their division rival Denver Broncos.

2023 National Football League Wildcard Playoff predictions

2023 National Football League Week 17 Predictions | week 16 pick results | Raiders beat Chiefs

The Raiders get a huge win in week 16 against the Chiefs to keep their dim playoff hopes alive. The Dolphins finally get a win against “a good” team in the Cowboys and the Lions beat the Viking to clinch the NFC North title. Congratulations to the Lions! #RaiderNation

2023 National Football League week 17 Predictions

Bettor wins 500k on a five dollar wager!

2023 National Football League Week 16 Predictions | week 15 prediction results | Raiders score 63 points

The Raiders bounced back in week 15 to the tune of 63 points, crushing the Chargers and finally getting the Chargers to fire their head coach who should have been fired after last year’s playoff collapse to the Jaguars. The top teams in the NFC East lose in week 15 and the Steelers lose again.

2023 National Football League Week 16 Predictions

2023 National Football League Week 14 Predictions | week 13 prediction results

The Cardinals got a huge win in week 13 against the Steelers on the road. The Chiefs lost to the Packers of all teams and the Chargers put on a pathetic display against the Patriots. What game will be the game of the week in week 14? My guess would be Bills versus Chiefs, Seahawks versus the 49ers or Eagles versus Cowboys.

2023 National Football League Week 14 Predictions