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Oh my goodness! I got home from rideshare driving just to find out the Raiders lost to the Rams by one freaking point and it was the newly acquired, former Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield that pierced my heart with the one point defeat dagger.

Anyone who needs reminding that football is a game of attrition need only look to the San Francisco 49ers. These guys are down to their third string quarterback and lost Samuel on Sunday to an ankle injury. They must be asking themselves what else can go wrong. The only positive thing is they keep finding ways to win these games. That’s very “Patriot like” to me!

2022 NFL Week 14 Picks – week 13 pick results – UFC282 Preview

Goodness gracious great balls of fire , the Raiders win their third straight game. I thought I was happy last week when I got to hoist the colors for the second straight week. I am over the moon ecstatic that we get to hoist the colors for a third consecutive week.

I’m feeling really good about the Raiders chances of beating the Rams in week 14 too. I guess we’ll all see how that goes!

The 49ers and Ravens see their quarterbacks get hurt in week 13. How will they rebound? The Rams sign Baker Mayfield after he was released by the Carolina Panthers.

2022 NFL Week 11 Picks – week 10 pick results – AZQBc

We had several candidates for game of the week in the 2022 National Football League week 10 play. Vikings at Bills, Lions at Bears and Cowboys at Packers just to name 3.

The Bills must be seething mad at this point having lost 2 close games in a row, one to an AFC east and instate rival and the other one at home to an NFC opponent.

The Raiders lost again in week 10, to a team with an interim head coach and an aging QB. Perhaps the Raiders will get off the snide in Week 11 and get a win against their division foe, the Denver Broncos.

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2022 NFL Week 10 Picks – week 9 pick results – Happy Veterans Day

Just when I thought things could NOT get worse for my Raiders, they fall again, this time to the Jaguars.

The Raiders have now set an NFL record that no team wants. They have now coughed up leads of 17 points or more 3 times this season. This has been a dreadful season for the Raiders. Let’s see if they can get a win against a team with a new coach, aka the Indianapolis Colts.

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