The Ultimate Domain Registration Tip

There is a lot of good information online once you filter through quite of a bit of garbage and cryptic messages. I like to be helpful when I can. Having said that in the video below I disclose an often overlooked, yet obvious tip. It’s funny how we tend to overlook the obvious even when it’s right in front of our face.

If you’re new to online marketing or creating websites and you’re planning to register a domain, be sure to watch the video below. The tips inside this video will be of great use to you and may just save you from unnecessary and completely avoidable hassle in the future.

Callous Mind

Discipline and Punishment ARE NOT the Same Thing

I believe very strongly in discipline. I think it makes people reach higher and carries with it the fortitude necessary to accomplish even the most difficult goals. Without discipline and goals we are just rudderless ships floating through life.

It would not be discipline that Mr. Bumgarner faces, it would be punishment. Discipline would have been having the restraint to NOT do something you’re not supposed to do! Punishment is the consequence for a lack of discipline!

I have a page coming soon on this very topic. It’s too important not to talk about!