2023 National Football League Week 12 Picks | week 11 pick results | Happy Thanksgiving

The Raiders lose a close game to the Dolphins, the Eagles down another upper echelon team from the AFC and the Cardinals lose in Houston. My week 11 picks were 500. Not great but not nearly as bad as they could have been.

I hope you and your family and friends have a great Thanksgiving. Let’s all remember to celebrate gratitude everyday of the year. God bless!

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2023 National Football League Week 12 Predictions

2023 National Football League Week 10 Picks | week 9 pick results | Happy Veterans Day

Hoist the colors #RaiderNation, the Raiders win in week 9 and score their highest point total of the 2023 season. Bummer Sooner in a big way as the Oklahoma Sooners fall for the second consecutive week and to their instate rival, yuck!

The Arizona Wildcats defeat another ranked opponent as they down UCLA, the Sun Devils get crushed and a ranked Notre Dame team gets beaten by an unranked Clemson team.

The Cardinals get walloped on the road and Miami loses another game against a tough opponent.

2023 National Football League week 10 picks

2023 National Football League Week 9 Picks | week 8 pick results – OU suffers their first loss

The Oklahoma Sooners suffer their first loss of this college football season. They fall to an unranked Kansas team. In the good news category is the Arizona Wildcats upsetting the number 11 ranked Oregon State Beavers. Arizona had previously come an eyelash away from defeating the USC Trojans. If they could have won that game and then this one they may be in business but if, if, if!

The Raiders continue to struggle when it comes to scoring points. God bless you #RaiderNation. I feel like the suffering of this season will continue until morale improves. I hope everyone has/had a great Halloween. Cheers to November 2023.

2023 NFL week 8 predictions | week 7 pick results | Diamondbacks to the World Series

The Raiders stink it up in week 7 and lose. The Diamondbacks win game 7 of the National League Championship Series and advance to their first World Series since 2001. I am ecstatic to see the Diamondbacks advance to the World Series and wouldn’t you know my friend Jason became an Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket holder this year. I haven’t asked him if he bought World Series tickets yet.

It’s great for the local economy when sports teams continue advancing in their respective playoffs.