Hey everyone it’s your boy Callous Mind back today with another video. I have a question I would like to pose to everyone out there. My question is would you like to see a cure for cancer or does a cure for cancer exist already?

What if I told you a cure for cancer already existed but was not be publicized and instead
this information was being stymied, discredited and debunked by everyone with any authority within the mainstream medical community
in the United States of America.

The subject of cancer for me is a very serious one because I have lost people and I mean a ton of people and I’m sure you all have too or you know someone who is currently afflicted with cancer. Now for me, just to name a few, I have lost a step mom, a step dad, a cousin, two aunts and my grandmother is currently battling this disease.

I spoke to my grandmother yesterday and she told me of some of her experiences with doctors. She told me that doctors don’t want anything to do with her if she doesn’t want to listen to and follow their medical advice. We’re talking about an 85 year old woman here. She understands that her risk of undergoing western treatment for her cancer may actually cause her death or make what time she has left not worth living, even more than the cancer itself.

For example she said she went in to see a doctor and once she told that doctor she wasn’t interested in surgery, chemotherapy or radiation he acted like he didn’t want anymore to do with her. She asked him if he would continue to treat her even though she didn’t want to undergo traditional western solutions and he told her to go back to the cancer treatment center and he walked out the door.

Those were her words! So it seems to me like the only way the medical institution wants treatment in America is the standard surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All the while just hoping you live through poisoning your cancer and healthy tissue with radiation and chemotherapy. Personally I’m amazed that anyone lives through this stuff!

But … my question is – what if there was a simpler method? What if there was actually a cure that didn’t involve chemotherapy, and didn’t involve radiation, and didn’t involve the traditional medicine in the United States? Would you be interested? There are two documentary films that I recently watched on Amazon Prime video which I will link to in the description box below.

One of the films is Cancer Can Be Killed from 2017 and you can see it right here in this video. I watched it all the way through and to kind of summarize this lady is diagnosed with cancer and goes to Germany for treatment for 30 days.
At the cost of thirty thousand dollars which seems pretty reasonable considering we’re talking about cancer! This brings up another question I always think about in regards to a cure for cancer. I always wonder how much a cure for cancer would sell for.

It’s hard for me to believe that there is no cure for cancer when literally trillions of dollars for cancer research have been spent. But yet there’s still no cure in America, come on now?

So this lady travels to Germany to undergo treatment for 30 days and would you know, low and behold her cancer is cured! The second documentary film I watched was Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up. I encourage you all to watch these films and decide for yourself.

The information from these films encourages new questions. One being, if there is or was a cure for cancer would it be sold in the United States, or would someone or a group of people do
everything they could to hide a cure because treating cancer is much more lucrative than curing it?

I’m just throwing that out there because that’s my opinion. I believe there is much more money involved in treating cancer than there is in curing it. Not to mention how adversely affected the entire cancer institution would be financially impacted by a cure being created.

I’m not sure all doctors want to cure people, I think some would rather treat, because when they treat there is no guarantee of a cure as if it exonerates doctors from saving lives.

I expect you the reader and or viewer to be your own judge of this information. I’m not here to try and tell you how to think or what to believe. I am simply sharing my opinion based on the information I have seen.

I encourage all of you to watch these films and do your own research, talk to friends and family who have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video I appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to share this information if you have found value in it.