UFC226 – What a Difference One Year Makes

What a difference a year makes!

I was really excited for UFC 226 this past weekend. After watching the main event I couldn’t help but think back to the Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier fight from UFC 214.

So much so that I ended up going back and watching that fight again via UFC Fight Pass. I thought I remembered that fight well until I went back and watched it again. Damn that was a good fight for Jon Jones, and then everything went to hell as Jon’s test sample allegedly came back containing a banned substance.

Now one year later Jon still has not be reinstated as of this writing and Daniel Cormier is the current light heavyweight and heavyweight champ and is in unique company by holding two titles at the same time. Now it looks as though the next super fight in the UFC will be between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title.

I find this ironic because after Jon Jones knocked out DC in UFC 214 he (Jon Jones) took the microphone and called for Lesnar. A high kick from Jon Jones would knock most men silly, including Lesnar I’m sure but Lesnar never would make weight for the light heavyweight division.

I’m kind of rambling on here but my point is really what a difference a year makes. You know what they say about if being a fifth and we would all be drunk.

I hope Jon Jones gets cleared to return and he comes back strong, clean and healthy. He’s a heck of a fighter. At the same time I can’t and am in no way hating on Daniel Cormier. He seems like a real class act and quality human being, and the world can definitely use more of them.